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21 October 2014

Public comment on FIDO U2F standard

This is a public comment made on the subject of the FIDO U2F public standards. Submitted 2014-10-21.

U2F specifies use of ECDSA by referencing ANSI X9.62. This version of ECDSA (also described in SEC1, FIPS186-3, P1363, etc.) catastrophically fails in a number of cases surrounding the guessing entropy and reuse of the per-signature nonce. This makes its use in a new protocol extremely inadvisable.

Fortunately we have a drop-in, fully compatible replacement standardised in RFC6979: deterministic ECDSA.

My suggestions in full are:

  1. In the ‘Implementation Considerations’ document, section 2.3 really must mention this. It is significantly more important over the lifetime of a key to use high entropy ECDSA k values, than in the key material itself!

  2. Strongly suggest in the same document that deterministic ECDSA is used.

  3. In the ‘Security Reference’ document, threat T-1.4.10 should mention deterministic ECDSA as a complete mitigation. (Aside: the current suggestion of ‘use a good quality RNG’ is not really a mitigation for the problem of ‘the RNG is poor quality and my key fell out’).

  4. Strongly consider requiring authenticators use RFC6979 ECDSA.